This is the kitchen where we talk about food, life, and recovery—a spiritual path to healing and peace.

You are invited to keep coming back to A Cup of Kindness to share your experience, strength and hope; fears, doubts and insecurities; and to pick up information, inspiration … and have a little fun!

My story
In January 2007, at the age of 51, I joined a 12-step program and began my recovery from food addiction, losing 75 pounds in the process. Read more…

In January 2011, at the age of 55, I began my recovery from a multi-trauma accident, 36 fractures, damaged lungs, and post traumatic stress. Read more…

I am deeply grateful for all the kindnesses, large and small, offered to me in recovery. Here I am... alive… still making progress … still not perfect … finding a new way forward in a growing community of women and men who share a lot in common around food and life.

I hope you'll join me in this kitchen and let me know what's cooking with you.

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What I want

I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it. But was that what I really wanted?

Food neutrality

    Dear Friends, I love your Comments to these Posts! They challenge me to reflect and consider more deeply. Nicola asked today what food neutral means. I replied to her in the Comments and then thought, let’s open up the conversation. I use the words food neutral because they are the language of my […]

Tall order. Simple decision.

  I’m getting married to the man I love on Saturday! This is a fascinating time. My attention has moved from planning the event, to preparing for a spiritual experience. I want to be open to receive Love, Light and Friendship. I want to be present and protected in the midst of lots of people […]

Gratefully received

  This morning, Miranda the labradoodle woke me before dawn. I heard the rain and said, “Zafu.” That means, “Return to your meditation cushion and go back to sleep.” Five minutes later she came back and nose bumped my arm. I got up and we went for our walk. The rain stopped. It was misty. […]